Algorithm Interview Questions: Square


Given an integral number, determine if it’s a square number:
In mathematics, a square number or perfect square is an integer that is the square of an integer; in other words, it is the product of some integer with itself.


isSquare(-1) returns  false
isSquare(0) returns   true
isSquare(3) returns   false
isSquare(4) returns   true
isSquare(25) returns  true  
isSquare(26) returns  false


import math
def is_square(n):
    upper_index = n
    lower_index = 0
    while upper_index >= 1:
      upper_index = math.ceil(upper_index/2)
      if upper_index**2 == n:
         return True
      elif upper_index**2 > n:
      elif upper_index**2 < n:
          for index in range(upper_index+1,(upper_index*2)+1):
             if index**2 == n:
                 return True
    return False # fix me


package main

import (
func is_square(num int32) bool{
     n := float64(num)
     lower_bound := n
     for lower_bound >= 0 {
          lower_bound = math.Ceil(lower_bound/2)
          if math.Pow(lower_bound,2.0) == n{
             return true
          }else if math.Pow(lower_bound,2.0) > n{
          }else if math.Pow(lower_bound,2.0) < n{
              for i := lower_bound +1; i < lower_bound * 2; i += 1{
                     if  math.Pow(i,2.0) == n {
                            return true
              return false
     return false
func main() {
	fmt.Println("Hello, playground")


fn is_square(n: i32) -> bool{
    let mut lower_bound = n;
    while lower_bound >= 0{
      lower_bound = (lower_bound as f64 / 2.0 as f64).ceil() as i32;
      if lower_bound.pow(2) == n{
          return true
      }else if lower_bound.pow(2) > n{
      }else if lower_bound.pow(2) < n{
          for i in (lower_bound+1..lower_bound*2){
              if i.pow(2) == n{
                 return true
        return false
    return false

fn main() {

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